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Welcome to Cyber Safe Seniors. First, let's meet the team!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Li, September 6th, 2022


This is Esther Chan, founder of Cyber Safe Seniors and the co-founder of the 'Enehana Coding Club at Punahou! She is passionate about STEM (science, technology, math, and engineering) and enjoys helping those in her community. In her free time, Esther enjoys playing board games, hiking, traveling, drawing, and skiing.

Lindsay Minami

This is Lindsay Minami. She is both the Secretary and Website and Blog Director of Cyber Safe Inc. and likes to spend time with family and friends! In addition, Lindsay co-leads the ‘Enehana Coding Club at Punahou.

Ashley Jisue Hong

This is Ashley Jisue Hong, and she is the Treasurer. Her favorite hobbies are violin and golf, and at school, she enjoys math and computer science! She is very active in clubs and extracurriculars, and is co-leading the ‘Enehana Coding Club this year. Ashley joined this organization because her grandparents have experienced cyber scams and fell for them, so she wanted to make sure that other senior citizens do not experience the same threats by learning about cybersecurity.

Meigan Li

My name is Meigan Li, and I am in charge of maintaining the website and writing blogs like this one! I like to run track and field and watch videos online during my free time.

My favorite subjects in school are computer science and investing, and I hope to be able to travel to new places in the future!

Mira Kubo

Mira is as a Marketing & Distribution Co-director, and is in charge of contacting senior care centers or other organizations. Mira is currently enjoying AP United States History and its class debates. A casual activity she enjoys is playing board games with her friends since it doesn’t require a lot of planning.

Felicia Yang

This is Felicia, and she works alongside Mira as a Marketing and Distribution Director! Felicia likes to read, watch Youtube, or do arts and crafts in her free time. Her favorite foods are pasta, tofu, beef noodle soup, and miso soup. Felicia likes dogs, the color blue, and her favorite subject is art!

Anna Zheng

This is Anna Zheng and she is the Course Maintenance Director. She likes to play with her dog and cook in her spare time. Anna’s favorite subjects in school are biology, economics, and photography. Outside of school, Anna participates in robotics, soccer, and lion dance.

Ivey & Irene Zhong

This is Irene Zhong. Irene is in charge of all the volunteering recruitment, and enjoys reading, acting, watching movies, playing violin, and hiking. Her favorite foods are dumplings, noodles, and hot pot!

This is Ivey Zhong. They are twins! Ivey is in charge of all of the workshops. She also plays the piano, and likes to play chess and read books. In school, Ivey’s favorite subjects are Math, APUSH, and Chinese!

Jodi Ito (Board adviser)

Jodi Ito is the Chief Information Security Officer with the University of Hawaii System and is responsible for the security and protection of its institutional information assets. These responsibilities include development and management of policies and procedures related to information security, developing a research security program, conducting risk & vulnerability analysis for critical assets, conducting investigations into cyber incidents, & conducting training on information security issues across all 10 UH campuses. She is also active in professional organizations such as EDUCAUSE, CyberHawaii, NWACC, REN-ISAC, and is the Program Director for NSA's GenCyber camps in Hawaii.

Published Sept 19, 2022, 4:02pm

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